What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Apprentice?

What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Apprentice?

Are you looking to expand or upskill your workforce?
Perhaps you are an SME looking for someone to help with your accounts?

An apprenticeship could be a viable way of helping you do just that.
Whether it’s expanding your workforce through hiring a new apprentice or upskilling and retaining your current workforce.

If you are a small firm finding that you are needing someone to do the books, you could consider putting your existing admin employee through an accounting apprenticeship.

What are the benefits of hiring an apprentice rather than hiring someone already qualified?

Apprentices are motivated to learn new skills

One of the benefits of hiring an apprentice is that they are motivated and eager to learn. The skills acquired in their training can be immediately applied in the workplace.
Feeling a lack of employee productivity? An apprenticeship could be a way to boost this within your business, bringing a fresh perspective with new ideas and sparking excitement in existing employees.

78% of employers said apprenticeships helped them improve productivity.
74% of employers said apprenticeships helped them improve the quality of their product or service.


Government funding and incentives

For non-levy employers, the government funds 95% of the training costs for an apprentice, meaning that the most you would have to pay is 5%.

If you are an employer with less than 49 staff and the apprentice us aged between 16-18 then the government will fund 100% of the costs!

If you are a business with an annual payroll of over £3 million, levy, then you will already be paying into a ‘levy pot’. This Levy money is held in your account for the training of apprentices, so why miss out?!

A £1000 incentive is available to employers who hire an apprentice between the ages of 16-18!

You will be giving an aspiring learner the opportunity to grow

Offering an apprenticeship will provide a valuable opportunity for a learner to enter a career in accounting. They can earn while they learn and gain relevant experience on the job to support their studies.

An apprenticeship can be an affordable way to expand and upskill your workforce

The above Government financial support means for many businesses recruiting and training an apprentice is more cost-effective than hiring skilled staff on a higher salary.

As previously mentioned apprenticeships can also be a way to upskill your current workforce.
Employee training is important for staff retention, motivation and job satisfaction. Training existing employees through an apprenticeship will lead to them attaining industry-recognised qualifications, providing valuable skills to your business.

Apprenticeships are tailored to your business

As Chartered Accountants, our tutors are highly qualified and experienced in delivering accredited vocational training. We work closely with employers to ensure that this training is tailored to your personal business aims and needs.

The added advantage of hiring an apprentice is that you can nurture them in their training to think and act in the interest of your business and its values from day one.

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Apprentices can fill many roles

Apprentices have the benefit of helping employers fill the skills gaps within their business as the training schemes ensure they receive exactly the knowledge, skills and behaviors they need.

Within small businesses it is common for employees to have mixed roles, working together to get things done. Providing they are spending 50% of their time on their accountancy training, your apprentice could be doing a number of other tasks to support the business.

You can see there are many benefits of hiring an apprentice and doing so is easier than you think.
We are here to help advise employers on all aspects of apprenticeships and the amount of funding available.

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