Mission Statement

White Horse’s mission is to provide accountancy training of the highest quality to all who study with White Horse or maintain their professional knowledge through use of our services.

We seek to work in partnership with employers to assure the relevance of all our training as well as providing an outstanding and supportive environment for those who learn with us.

Statement of Expectations for Teaching, Training and Assessment

  • All staff are expected to subscribe to the aims of White Horse as outlined in the mission statement

  • All staff are expected to comply with the Professional Standards for FE Teachers

  • All staff are expected to perform their training and assessment responsibilities to the best of their abilities as outlined in White Horse’s policies.

  • All staff should set high expectations designed to inspire, motivate and challenge learners

  • All staff are expected to promote good progress and outcomes by learners, providing support as necessary.

  • All staff should demonstrate excellent subject and curriculum knowledge and undertake CPD to maintain high standards

  • All staff are expected to plan and teach in a structured manner, according to the requirements of the programmes

  • All staff are expected to carry out the assessment, recording and reporting of students’ work as required by White Horse

  • All staff are expected to be aware of all White Horse policies and procedures and to carry out their roles in accordance with these.