How Does the Apprenticeship Programme Work?

Apprenticeships are formal, nationally recognised training programmes which provide learners with the opportunity to achieve a qualification while developing knowledge, skills and behaviours in the workplace.
They offer great value for employers when it comes to recruiting and training employees and present an exciting opportunity to expand or upskill your workforce. But how does the apprenticeship programme work? Find the answers below.

White Horse Training

Working in partnership with the South West Association of Training Providers, White Horse is a government-approved Independent Training Provider for the delivery of Apprenticeship Standards in Accounting at Level 3 and Level 4. We are also an approved AAT training centre.

Our teaching is timetabled and designed to complement work-based training. We deliver our programme at our office in Bath based on a block release basis of five days a month.

We aim to provide an excellent learning environment with well-qualified, experienced staff and high levels of support for Learners in partnership with employers.

Level 3 - AAT Level 3 Assistant Accountant Apprenticeship Programme

The Level 3 apprenticeship programme is the Assistant Accountant Apprenticeship, which runs alongside the AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting. Together both provide the business knowledge, skills and behaviours necessary to succeed in a junior role in accountancy. We work to support both the apprentice and the employer to meet all the requirements of the apprenticeship standard.

An assistant accountant provides support to internal and external customers working predominately either as an assistant accountant within practice or within the finance function of an organisation.

Level 4 - AAT Level 4 Professional Accounting Technician Apprenticeship Programme

The Level 4 apprenticeship programme is the Professional Accounting Technician Apprenticeship, which runs alongside the AAT Level 4 Professional Diploma in Accounting. Together both provide you with the business knowledge, skills and behaviours necessary to succeed in senior accounting roles. We work to support both the apprentice and the employer to meet all the requirements of the apprenticeship standard.

Individuals in this role will have the responsibility for creating, verifying and reviewing, accurate and timely financial information. This role may exist in an accounting practice, a professional services company, HMRC or the accounting function of a business/organisation.

Off-the-Job Training

Off-the-job training is learning which is undertaken outside of day-to-day work duties and leads towards the achievement of the apprenticeship. It provides the time to focus on and develop the required knowledge, skills and behaviours.
In England, it is a statutory requirement for an apprentice to spend 20% of their paid time ‘off-the-job’.

Off-the-job training is delivered by subject experts and can include:

  • Teaching theory (classroom lessons, lectures and online learning)
  • Practical training (shadowing, mentoring, industry visits)
  • Learning support and time to write assignments.

At White Horse, this training is primarily delivered as a five-day block once a month. This is supported by relevant in-house training to develop specific workplace skills.

To find out more information about off-the-job training you can visit the website.

The Apprenticeship Standard

An apprenticeship standard is a template for the way a specific apprenticeship is delivered.
The standard sets out the knowledge, skills and behaviours required of the apprentice and outlines what they will do during their apprenticeship.

The Apprenticeship and the AAT qualification are separate qualifications but they complement and run alongside each other, meaning the apprentice effectively achieves two qualifications in one.

The study required for the AAT qualification provides the knowledge element of the apprenticeship standard. The skills and behaviours elements are developed throughout the duration of the course.

At White Horse Training we take care of every aspect of accountancy apprenticeships, delivering for levy-paying and non-levy paying employers in both industry and practice.

We will guide you through the funding process and minimise disruption for you by providing comprehensive support for you and your learner throughout every stage of the AAT Apprenticeship programme.

Call our team for further information about selecting White Horse as your Training Provider.

Accountancy apprenticeship programmes where you - and your apprentice - are supported every step of the way.

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