Can an Apprenticeship boost your business?

Can an Apprenticeship boost your business?

Three ways hiring an apprentice could boost your business:

Apprentices are motivated to learn new skills.
Feeling a lack of employee productivity? An apprentice could be a way to boost this within your business, bringing a fresh perspective with new ideas, and sparking excitement in existing employees.
78% of employers said apprenticeships helped them improve productivity.

An affordable way to expand and upskill your workforce.
Government financial support means for many businesses recruiting and training an apprentice is more cost-effective than hiring skilled staff on a higher salary.
You can also upskill your current workforce by training existing employees through an apprenticeship, enabling them to attain industry-recognised qualifications.
Find out more about Government Funding here.

Apprenticeships are tailored to your business.
By working closely with employers, we ensure that our training is tailored to your personal business aims and needs. The added advantage of an apprentice is that you can nurture them in their training to think and act in the interest of your business and it’s values from day one.
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As a small business ourselves, we know the power of harnessing the right talent to help your business thrive.
But don’t just take it from us, Annette Pettitt, Founder and Lead Accountant at Leigh Park Accountancy, shares her thoughts below:

I have been working with White Horse Training for three years and have been very impressed with the delivery of both their apprenticeship training and CPD courses.
Employing an apprentice has been a great benefit to our firm and the support received by White Horse Training was excellent throughout the whole process. They are very professional and I highly recommend using them for your training needs.

– Annette Pettitt, Leigh Park Accountancy

We are here to provide information and advice to employers with regards to apprenticeships and how they can meet your business needs.
With places available for September, see how White Horse Training can support you with Apprenticeships and help your business grow.