Charity SORP FRS 102 Key Tips and Traps

Charity accountants and auditors continue to face a major challenge keeping abreast of fast-changing accounting rules, notably the new SORP.

White Horse Training has released a special one-hour video briefing with Peter Herbert for accountants and auditors looking to get to grips with these rules, available until 11th August 2016.

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FATCA and GATCA for UK Accountancy Firms

GATCA is the common term for a range of global regulations designed to detect, deter and precent tax evasion by forcing financial institutions to report accounts held by non residents to their home country’s tax authority.

White Horse Training is offering a special one-hour webinar on 9th June led by industry expert Ross McGill, who will help introduce accountants to the global tax evasion landscape and to provide them with the foundation knowledge they need to assist any clients who may be affected.

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VAT: Problems, Pitfalls, Opportunities and Solutions

VAT is a tax where it is all too easy to get things wrong. Working as it does according to its own rules – quite different to those applying to other taxes – it is an area where an experienced navigator can be especially helpful in demonstrating how to negotiate the minefield.

Join Neil Owen in Gloucester on 19th May or in Swindon on 23rd May for your overview of the problems, pitfalls and opportunities presented by VAT.

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The Interaction Between New UK GAAP and Taxation

Are you ready for the new UK GAAP?

Most tax computations start with profit per the accounts, and profit per the accounts is changing under new UK GAAP. All involved in the preparation of accounts and tax computations need to be aware whether these changes affect taxable profit or need adjustment in the computation.

To help you prepare for these changes, Bill Telford will be leading an essential training course on Monday 9th May 2016.

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Accounts and Audit Spring Update 2016

Do you handle client accounts or audits?

White Horse Training is offering an essential course to update you on upcoming changes, led by respected industry expert John Selwood.

This course is available to attend in person or online via our live webcast, so you can stay up to date, wherever you are.

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Auto Enrolment Update Online

Are you grappling with the government’s new auto enrolment rules?

Our forthcoming Auto Enrolment Update course is the latest in our series of convenient, online training opportunities.

Led by industry expert, Rebecca Benneyworth, this video will give you a one-hour overview of the key issues, which you can watch any time from the comfort of your own desk.

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Payroll Update Course in Gloucester

Do you handle client payroll?

White Horse Training is offering an essential course to update you on upcoming changes to all aspects of payroll.

Our upcoming Payroll Update 2016 course will be led by respected industry expert Rebecca Benneyworth, and will provide attendees with the opportunity to explore recent changes and improve their practice.

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Sage Intermediate Training in Bath

Are you looking to refresh or extend your SAGE skills? White Horse Training will be holding a SAGE Intermediate course in central Bath on Tuesday 16th February 2016.

Led by our friendly and experienced tutors, this course will help you to familiarise yourself with the more advanced features of SAGE and increase your confidence through hands-on use of the software.

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2016 CPD Course Programme Announced

We are delighted to announce the White Horse Training 2016 Course Programme, including courses from popular tutors including Rebecca Benneyworth, Guy Loveday and John Selwood.

Highlights include: Payroll Update 2016, Accounts and Audit Updates, FRS 2102 Audit Implications, Finance Act 2014, Pension Scheme Accounts and many more.

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